Order Creation

Provides for the entry of purchase orders between the processor/warehouse and steel producer. Will also allow entry of intended ship orders (Mill orders) to the customer as specified by the steel producer.

Includes ultimate customer order and part number data needed to report to the customer and on bar coded shipping tags.

System automatically loads orders based on advanced ship notice(ASN) data via EDI. Allows for full product description, end use entry, chemistries, mechanicals, internal quality, material classification, surface treatment and/or finish, product form, edge type, and material condition, etc.

Order pricing information may be entered for each ship order to supplement the automatic invoicing function. Pricing may also be applied per Production Unit and per Plan Step.

Maintains narrative processing, packaging, loading, routing, and shipping instruction data along with mode, SCAC, tarp, freight liability, etc.

Maintains multiple order entered, required, desired, earliest, etc. dates.

Maintains customer order size, process to size, and material item actual size including ordered thickness, width, and length tolerances.

Allows for entry of coil weight minimum and maximum, inside diameter, outside diameter, and other material specific order data. Supports multiple units of measure - English and/or Metric; pieces and/or weights; actual and/or theoretical.

Ordered to shipped quantities are maintained allowing you to track balance due amounts.


Inventory Control

Manages warehouse, purchased, toll processing material, and toll processing/Storage & Handling material.

Provides for complete material tracking of all item specific data.

Capable of the unique AktaTrak record duplication function. Press one key and create a new item in inventory duplicating all item data from one already in the system, then modify material data as required. This function drastically reduces non-EDI material entry effort.

Allows for automatic inbound ASN loading via EDI including automatic full heat chemistries, DUNS numbers, SCA Codes, and bar coded tag data.

Provides for all AISI required EDI transactions including:

  • Material Receipts
  • Hold/Release
  • Status Change
  • Reapplication's
  • Production (one-to-one, one-to-many, maintenance, and buildups)
  • Inbound Shipment Cancellations
  • Inventory Hand-Offs
  • Metallurgical/Chemistries/Rockwell's Test Results
  • Plan Loads
  • Shipments/Final Tally
  • and more

Maintains automatic inventory updates of EDI status changes and reapplication's from steel producers and automatically returns required reapplication acknowledgment transactions.

If you do not have EDI capability this is for you:

If your customers don't utilize EDI, YOU have options. Either refer them to Aktabase OR request that they provide you a Excel spreadsheet with item information in it. These files can be imported directly into inventory or Inbound ASN for later receipt. This feature will save time, money, and make data entry of barges, rails, a breeze.

Utilizes full spectrum of AISI specific table codes and allows for field specific lookup-and-fill-in capability on virtually all fields.

Exhaustive editing assures proper codes and material status is maintained throughout the inventory tracking process.

Inventory and order maintenance routines provide quick any easy access to your data to maintain integrity.

Capable of creating and maintaining Work Order Schedules for multiple production units. Can also send steel producer notification of "On Schedule" material.

Complete metallurgical subsystem allows you to enter, maintain, report, and track test samples and their test results.


Order Planning/Scheduling

This function allows users to see all unit schedules available in the system and review item sequence, current item being produced, and estimated times when items will be processed at the unit. This is a real-time inquiry function that will be automatically updated as material processing is completed and schedule changes are made. It is excellent for customer service representatives to use and answer inquiries on when specific customer material will be processed and ready for delivery.



AktaTrak's production entry function is simple and easy to use. The function allows users to perform many types of production:

  • One to One
  • One to Many
  • Many to One (Build-Ups)
  • Production Maintenance

You can also account for all scrap and record any and all fault and damage codes. This function also allows for Zebra tags to be printed at the time of Production for easy tagging. Full history will be recorded and logged for reporting and invoicing purposes.


Load Scheduling

The system has the ability to create Schedule Loads. This function allows you to build loads without actually removing them from inventory. This allows for enhanced inventory planning, control, and tracking. This function also allows you to add and remove coils from the shipment without actually canceling the entire load.

You may also use the Bar code Scanning function in conjunction with this function for complete track-ability.



Generate AIAG bar coded tag on virtually any Windows compatible laser, ink jet, or dot matrix printer. System can also create tags on Zebra printers.

Automatically compiles shipped load, order, and material information on tallies/bill of lading's based on detail ship material selected.

Automatically relieves inventory, updates order ship quantities, and creates EDI. Allows for quick destination change per shipment without affecting order ship-to designation.

Provides for fully professional tally print in AISI like standard format including ultimate customer order and part data, ship-from, sold-to, and ship-to addresses, load wide bill of lading data, product description, ordered size, material specific data, heat chemistry analysis, along with summarized actual/theoretical load weights, pieces, and lineal footage in both English and Metric.

Aktabase has the ability to customize your own Ship Tally by adding your company logo, customizing the layout to fit your current impact printer configurations.

Via the AktaTrak Reporting System, tallies can be automatically email or exported to any receiving location if need be.

Allows for shipment cancellation, returning items back to inventory and removes any waiting EDI activity.

Automatically applies pre-assigned steel producer bill of lading numbers to shipments. No longer will you have track your Steel Producers pre-assigned BOL numbers. AktaTrak automatically tracks the numbers for you.

Aktatrak can now ship partial items. This feature is widely utilized in the warehousing system. This function allows users to ship portions of:

  • Crates
  • Pallets
  • Bags
  • Loose Material (Dirt, Stones, Salt, Sand, Rubber, Tires, etc.)
  • Boxes
  • Widgets
  • Wood
  • and More

Bar Code Tagging/Scanning

AktaTrak has the ability to generate Zebra Tags at Receipt, Work Order Scheduling, Production, and Shipment times. You may also manually create a tag via our Manual Tag function. Aktabase provides the basic AIG B-5 Standard layout, but also have many more custom tag formats. Please contact us for details.

AktaTrak has the ability to use a compatible Bar code scanner. The scanner can be used at Production Time, or the most common place is Ship Time. This feature allows you to load the screen with tags numbers via the scanner. This greatly increases data integrity and ensures that the coil is what it is supposed to be. This function currently meets the requirements of all the current Steel Producers Trading Partners that currently use Aktabase as their EDI supplier.



Automatic billing function for steel warehouses. Includes capability for standard receipt, storage, and shipping rates or calculations based on a daily storage rate. Will produce supporting detail report along with actual customer summary invoice, ready for mailing.

Will automatically generate toll processing invoice based on either Production (Net and Gross) or Actual Shipment (Net and Gross). Can also generate a Toll Process/Storage and Handling Invoice.

System automatically will apply order pricing information to the invoice and allow you to manually adjust it if needed. Invoice maintenance,void, print, and reporting capability is available on all invoices in the system.

AktaTrak is linked to Peachtree Complete Accounting by Sage, MAS90, and Quickbooks, to provide full general ledger, payables, receivables, payroll, and other functionality.


Complete Material History

Maintains complete history of all EDI transmission and transaction data communicated to/from a trading partner and also any transactions for in-house material and non-EDI customers.

Transmission data includes send/receive dates, times, files created, number of transactions of each type, records translated, sender number sequencing, trading partner DUNS, etc.

All data relative to each transaction type is retained in history.

Hundreds of inquiry and report combinations are available from the history databases in both detail and summarized formats.

Know exactly what data was sent to the trading partner, summarize mill and/or processor fault scrap for any request parameters, report on monthly receipts, shipments, and inventory, know exactly all transactions performed on any item in inventory, etc.

Resolve vendor rating, transmission, transaction, and other general EDI discrepancies with your EDI partners quickly and accurately with on line access to every transaction and transmission communicated.


Professional Reporting

AktaTrak utilizes an exclusive design technique for inquiry and reporting, hundreds of report combinations are available from the inventory, history, communications, AISI tables, heat, and order files.

All generated reports are filtered through an AktaTrak utility allowing review on screen, export to a file, or print multiple copies at any printer. Export files include but are not limited to: PDF, Word, Excel, IMAP/email, and many more.

Automatic printer setup switching for different report dimensions. No need to manually adjust printer, reporting system automatically sets printer for each report.

Customer reports, inventory pick lists, material receipt and shipment recaps, tally/bill of lading's, bar code tags, AISI and DUNS tables, heat chemistries, EDI transmission control data and transaction data, historical material tracking data, order information, etc. are all available in inquiry and printed report format from AktaTrak.


Automatic Email of Reports

This function allows you to use your current SMTP email server to automatically send ANY report from AktaTrak on a timed(time, daily, weekly, monthly, annually) basis. You have the ability to export it to any of the supported export file types and attach it to an email and send it automatically. This can greatly reduce faxing, phone calls, and increases your customer service personnel, which saves you money and makes YOUR customer happy.


Integrated EDI Services

Maintains unique system setup requirements for each EDI trading partner, providing switches for generating COMPORD, history, and/or ANSI X12.

Automatic load and maintenance of ASCII import file to the AktaTrak inventory from linked systems.

Automatic creation of ASCII export file for other systems, used to eliminate dual entry.

Will create EDI automatically on networks based on system activity. Maintains inventory load/maintenance error logging to monitor illogical automatic inventory updates.

Capable of manually selecting inbound and outbound files for translation to history, passing to other systems, and updating inventory.

Capable of recreating activity files for history and EDI generation. Based on EDI switches in setup, will create all COMPORD/X12 transactions, maintain transmission sequencing, and send/receive data to/from any EDI trading partner.

Provides ability to pass ultimate customer order/part/bar code tag data and heat chemistries to other systems automatically.

Allows for individual field selection and file description for export/import file layouts. Provides exhaustive editing of EDI data to assure proper transmission formatting is in place.

In addition to all the current EDI features, AktaTrak can also send Advanced Shipping Notice's(ASN) to your end customers.

Aktabase EDI Provides all AISI required EDI (COMPORD and X12) transactions including:

  • Material Receipts
  • Hold/Release
  • Status Change
  • Reapplication's
  • Production (one-to-one, one-to-many, maintenance, and buildups)
  • Inbound Shipment Cancellations
  • Inventory Hand-Offs
  • Metallurgical/Chemistries/Rockwell's Test Results
  • Plan Loads
  • Shipments/Final Tally
  • and more

Fully Customizable

Aktabase always design features and reports with the customer in-mind. If you have specific business needs or requirements Aktabase can customize ANY report or function for your business.