Aktabase Technology Systems & Services

"Leading the way with affordable supply chain management and EDI services."

Aktabase Technology has been a leader in providing the steel industry with affordable inventory tracking systems and EDI for many years. We have EDI connections to all major steel companies along with AktaTrak, a complete integrated inventory tracking system with EDI, the FTP/EDI Server Service, and now With these systems Aktabase Technology Company continues to be the leader in affordable EDI and inventory management software solutions for all facets of the steel industry supply chain.

AktaTrak Inventory Management System

This system allows toll processors, warehouses, and service centers to track inventory and completely manage their business. The system contains every major function needed in the management of inventory at an a affordable price.

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AktaTrak EDI Systems

These system versions are subsets of the complete AktaTrak Inventory Management System and are intended for use by toll processors and warehouses that already have an in-house system but need a system to manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with steel owners.

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Aktabase FTP/EDI Server Service

This service manages the transfer of data between EDI trading partners. It is available 24/7, pushes data between partners every 30 seconds, and is linked to the Aktabase MySteelNow website. We supply EDI to toll processors, warehouses, steel producers, service centers, brokers, ultimate customers, and many others. We have trading partner relationships with many major companies:

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Steel Owner’s MySteelNow Website

The system is a one of kind web application that allows steel producers, service centers, steel brokers, and other types of steel owners to view, track, and manage their inventory at all of their toll processors and warehouses from a single source no matter what in-house inventory system solution they are using.

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